October 4, 2006

Reeler Podcast: John Cameron Mitchell

On the Shortbus with the director of the year's unsexiest sex film

As noted last week, The Reeler caught up with Shortbus filmmaker John Cameron Mitchell during his recent press and party whirlwind through town, a succession of rich and ribald offerings that I was fortunate enough to partially catch on the record. (What was off the record you'd have to see to beilieve, anyway). And thus the return of the Reeler Podcast: A conversation with the director about his daring new film and all the oversexed madness surrounding it. If you've ever wondered how one parlays a tough Catholic upbringing into tender scenes of autofellatio and ass-eating, your wait to find out is over.

Click the link below for the full podcast, one of what I hope will be many as The Reeler finds its sea legs in the weeks and months ahead. ADVISORY: This is a large file -- 14 MB -- so please be patient as it loads. -- STV

The Reeler Podcast with John Cameron Mitchell -- Sept. 25, 2006

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