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October 10, 2007

The Man at the Control

Reeler Flashback: Anton Corbijn talks Curtis biopic as ReelerTV goes black-and-white

In case you missed it last month, ReelerTV went monochrome at the Toronto International Film Festival, where I spoke with director Anton Corbijn about his feature debut Control. The much-anticipated (at least around this office), Weinstein-sanctioned, black-and-white biopic about Joy Division lead singer Ian Curtis opens today at Film Forum; in our chat, Corbijn discusses the transition from photography and music videos to feature filmmaking, his loyalty to both the project and his close friends in the band, and Harvey Weinstein's listening habits. Spout Blog writer Karina Longworth also dropped in to share her impressions of the film and its stirring young lead, Sam Riley.

--S.T VanAirsdale

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