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October 11, 2006

NYC Premiere: Driving Lessons

Laura Linney and Rupert Grint celebrate the coming-of-age story in Chelsea

October 10, 2006

NYC Premiere: Infamous

"I think he would have employed someone to give him a Web presence," said star Toby Jones. "And then he would have sued him if it didn't represent him how he wanted to be represented."

October 3, 2006

Unwatchable? Gilliam Brings Tideland to NYC

"Nobody wanted to touch this thing," filmmaker tells Queens audience

October 2, 2006

'An Important Cinema!': The Pioneer Brings the Mayhem In October

An annual surge of European cult classics, no-budget suspense, horror-porn and a seance with Kim Novak

September 28, 2006

NYC Premiere: The Departed

A-list free-for-all welcomes Scorsese, Nicholson, DiCaprio and... Ed Zwick?

NYC Premiere: Shortbus

The Lower East Side gets it in the end

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