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Dan Beers, FCU: Fact Checkers Unit

"Bill Murray looked at the script and said: 'Eight pages. It took three guys to write eight pages? That's impressive.' "

Dee Rees, Pariah

"I really liked the feel of the outer boroughs and just wanted to tell a story that we don't particularly see."

January 20, 2008

Carlos Brooks, Quid Pro Quo

"The best detective stories are the ones where the detective ultimately realizes he's been investigating himself."

Tanaz Eshaghian, Be Like Others

"Everyone else takes it as common sense, but not fitting in shows what common sense is."

Brett Wagner, Chief

"I'm drawn to all of those sort of grungy urban scenes that inspire all of us in New York. That's all been transplanted to Hawaii."

January 18, 2008

Peter Glanz, A Relationship in Four Days

"I wanted to take the genre of New Wave -- the fun of it -- and exploit the modern relationship."

Amy Redford, The Guitar

"After a while, when reading the script, I kept firing myself as the actress and hiring other people in my head."

James Marsh, Man On Wire

"In a sense it's kind of a bank-robbery film -- not to steal something, but to give something."

January 17, 2008

Jan Schütte, Love Comes Lately

"New York is a great background for this kind of story, but we had to fight just to find a crew."

Myna Joseph, Man

"Luckily I had an adviser who said, 'I noticed you've been producing a lot of the boys' projects. I want you to stop.'"

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