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Marco Williams, Banished

"You look out the window and see the Confederate flag flying. Outside the chamber of commerce!"

Jake Paltrow, The Good Night

"I had three pictures I'd written that didn't happen. In the meantime, I was directing television and trying to get these movies made. It was difficult."

Paul Chan, 1st Light

"We've been working with the model of this window... I think it’s the 21st century, and perhaps we can think of something that's post-window."

R. Luke DuBois, Play and Academy

"I think it's interesting how in every cultural medium we have in the United States, we have some kind of weird ranking system to try and figure out what's the best."

January 18, 2007

Hal Hartley, Fay Grim

"Even now, when I contemplate a part three, the big question is whether the whole story will come back to Queens."

Gina Kim, Never Forever

"Vera Farmiga has this amazing, expressive face that is almost like a map of emotions on which you can travel -- you can explore her heart."

David Stenn, Girl 27

"I just didn't feel anyone could tell the story like I could, because I lived it. I was part of the story."

David Kaplan, Year of the Fish

"At first I thought I could set it in ancient China, but then the idea of setting it in Chinatown was even more exciting -- and certainly more doable."

Cherien Dabis, Make a Wish

"Are they going to ask questions? Or am I going to be standing there like, 'Please, somebody -- ask me a question'?"

Caran Hartsfield, King

"Expectations? I just want to see the film finished."

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