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Fuck It Up: Reeler Screening Series Continues with Acclaimed Expletive Doc

I know you are all out voting at the moment, but upon your returns, please do beg your bosses for one more little workday accommodation so you can make tonight's 6:30 Reeler Screening Series preview of Fuck at the Pioneer Theater. It should be a splendid evening of prurience and First Amendment thrills (with animation by Bill Plympton, no less), followed by the traditional beer-and-pizza reception and an untraditional orgy of hand-wringing over election results. Why not come down, support The Reeler and observe our country's shifting political balance among friends?

Follow the jump for event and ticket details; I hope to see you there!

The Reeler Screening Series presents


(dir. Steve Anderson, 93 mins, 2005)

Tuesday, Nov. 7 | 6:30 p.m.
Pioneer Theater | 155 East 3rd Street (near Ave. A)

Ticket information:

A definitive look at the infamous expletive, Fuck explores how this oft-used word, still widely seen as obscene, somehow permeates every aspect of our culture -- from Hollywood, to the schoolyard, to the Senate floor in Washington D.C., where it is at the very center of the ongoing debate on free speech. Fuck examines the word's impact through various interviews, film and television clips, and original animation by Oscar-nominee Bill Plympton. Scholars and linguists examine its long and colorful history; comedians, actors, and writers who have charted and popularized the word defend their Constitutional right to use it. Even people who do "it" for a living are interviewed, all in an effort to discover what it is about this one syllable that both unites and polarizes people.


Posted at November 7, 2006 12:38 PM

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