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Factory Mishap Leaves Mary-Kate Olsen Mortally Wounded

By Michelle Orange, Reeler reviews editor

Mary-Kate Olsen can now join the chorus of boos coming from Lou Reed and Bob Dylan (and oh how I wish she would), as her role in the eternally gestating Factory Girl has apparently been whittled down to little more than a cameo. Although no stranger to whittling herself down, Olsen is reportedly “furious” (again, a compelling visual), about getting the shaft from director George Hickenlooper (I know).

When the famously malnourished former child star was first rumored to have a part in the film, it was hailed as her "return to acting" and the first film she would "star" in without her twin sister Ashley, but Olsen was quick to correct one aspect of the story: "Brigid Berlin is an obese woman who did breast painting, so I won't be playing an obese woman," she told W magazine in their 2005 cover story on her. No, as it turned out, she would play "Molly Spence," a role she reportedly competed with Lindsay Lohan to win, and who seems to be based on... no one. But a thin no one, motherfuckers! In fact, she doesn't even get to play a thin no one in Factory Girl (which is now being reported as having a Feb. 2 release in New York), as this clip of her entire performance illustrates. Where is the honor among billionaires, Mr. Weinstein? Can I call you Mr. Weinstein?

Posted at January 18, 2007 1:02 PM

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