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Rooftop Panorama Gets Captured For World Premiere

Clayton Patterson and mayor Rudy Giuliani in Captured, screening tonight at Rooftop Panorama (Photo: CP/Rooftop Films)

Seeing as the three-day event started yesterday, I guess I should have mentioned then that Clayton Patterson, the esteemed photographer/filmmaker/author whose tapes of the 1988 Tompkins Square Riots are perhaps the definitive record of that episode in NYC history, has his latest film premiering tonight as part of Rooftop Flims' "Rooftop Panorama" series. Captured, a screen adaptation of his 2005 book about the evolution of his beloved Lower East Side, is screening at the Open Road Rooftop above New Design High; a set by A.R.E Weapons opens the evening at 8:30 and there's an open-bar after-party down the street at Fontana's. Check out more information at Rooftop Films site, including info about Saturday's series-ending short-film program.

Meanwhile, I'm leaving town for a month and might be scarcer than usual around here for anybody still reading; very sorry about that. Do stay in touch and tell me what I'm missing -- or rather will be missing, in case I have a chance to note it here. See you in July, if not sooner...


Posted at June 13, 2008 12:23 AM

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