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STF Triple Whammy: Michael Moore, Billy The Kid and Czech Dream

Tonight's Stranger Than Fiction events at IFC Center bear mentioning for a number of reasons, but for the time being, let me stick to three basics that don't need much embellishment:

--Jennifer Venditti's coming-of-age doc Billy the Kid -- the winner of the Best Documentary prize at the just-completed SXSW -- gets a NYC preview screening at 5:30.

--Traverse City Film Festival alumnus Czech Dream, about a massive media prank unleashed on an unwitting Czech culture anticipating the big-box store of their fantasies (only to find it didn't exist), screens at 7:30. This is a devastating-by-way-of-hilarious film that I can't recommend highly enough.

--Michael Moore will join STF host Thom Powers after Czech Dream for a discussion of his Traverse City brainchild among other things. I imagine Manufacturing Dissent might come up. Maybe Sicko? Just guesses. Tickets may be still available if you crash the gates; every event this season has sold out, so start preparing your ditch-work excuse to head up the stand-by line by 5 p.m.

Posted at March 20, 2007 11:46 AM

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