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TONIGHT: Internet Week NY Showcases Jamie Stuart, West Side and Bug Sex (Among Others)

I know, I know -- I'm such a shill these days, but tonight's Where Internet and Film Collide event at IFC Center (8:30 p.m.) is particularly notable for a few important reasons:

1. Most notably, it's the first time the inveterate festival-chronicler and video gadfly Jamie Stuart has ever exhibited his work theatrically;

The gang's all here: A scene from Jamie Stuart's NYFF45: Part Two, screening tonight at Where Internet and Film Collide (Photo: Mutiny Company)

2. As far as I know, the same is the case for Ryan Bilsborrow-Koo and Zachary Leiberman's terrific "urban Western" serial The West Side;

3. After its turns at Sundance and Tribeca, tonight is likely the last chance you'll have for a while (if ever) to see Isabella Rossellini's bug-sex shorts series Green Porno outside the Sundance Channel.

4. Stuart, Bilsborrow-Koo, Leiberman and others will be on hand afterward to discuss the overlap of cinema, video and Vast! New! Frontier! of the World Wide Web. (Your scale may vary; follow the jump for the full program description.) --STV

Filmmaker Magazine, IFC Center and IndieGoGo present

Where Internet and Film Collide
Evening with Panel and Screenings to Address the Changing State of Film Production and Technology

Thursday, June 5 at 8:30pm

Filmmaker Magazine, the IFC Center and IndieGoGo present “Where Internet and Film Collide,” a night of screenings and conversation centered around the convergence of filmmaking and web video, Thursday, June 5 at 8:00pm. Held as part of Internet Week New York and hosted by the IFP, the night will consist of a number of exciting short form works that could only have been created for the web and then discussions with their makers about their creative and production processes.The program includes several of the most groundbreaking recent examples of this exciting trend, including:

--Green Porno, a series of short films about the sex lives of insects, conceived by and featuring Isabella Rossellini and developed for the Sundance Channel;

--work by M ss ng P eces, the Webby-nominated boutique video label that has developed original programming for online distribution, including a collaboration with the legendary Chris Blackwell and an award-winning documentary about the young African inventor William Kamkwamba;

--NYFF45: Part Two, a mix of press conference reportage with original narrative and innovative shooting and editing that signals the re-imagining of film festival journalism;

--The West Side, an urban western set in a unique, alternate universe presented free on the internet as a contemporary version of the serial novel;

--Beyond the Rave, an online serial that heralded the resurgence of one of Hammer Films, one of Britain’s best loved film companies.

In attendance to discuss these films and their unprecedented methods of production and distribution will be Christopher Barry, the Senior Vice President, Digital Media and Business Strategy for Sundance Channel; Ari Kuschnir and Scott Thrift, founders of M ss ng P eces; Jamie Stuart, director of NYFF45: Part Two; Ryan Bilsborrow-Koo and Zachary Leiberman, creators of The West Side; and Lance Weiler, who created an extensive game world around Beyond the Rave.

When: June 05, 08:30 PM — June 05, 11:00 PM

IFC Center
323 Sixth Avenue

Posted at June 5, 2008 8:50 AM

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