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Screening Park City: Sundance Channel Goes Flying

I shouldn't let on that this will be a regular feature, but here's some of today's NYC movie news of note from around the Sundance Film Festval:

--The Sundance Channel picked up TV broadcast rights to Flying: Confessions of a Free Woman, documentarian Jennifer Fox's six-hour conversation with women in 13 countries. In an interview to be published Saturday on The Reeler, Fox said: "This film is like candy. It's not like taking medicine; it's like eating chocolate. You watch one hour, then you want to watch two and three and four. It's a little bit like a soap opera; you meet characters who reappear who are in different crises in their life and you want to know what's going to happen to them. ... (Y)ou need to think of it more like Sex and the City." As such, the film will air as a six-part series in 2008, following brief theatrical engagements in New York and around the world.

--Speaking of Flying, the Alliance of Women Film Journalists' Jennifer Merin and Thelma Adams have a comprehensive list of women filmmakers with films at Sundance, a number which they place at an unprecedented 50. Nearly a third are from New York; congrats and best of luck to all.

--The NYC post-production house PostWorks, which worked on 11 of this year's Sundance feature selections from New York, has a thoroughgoing tech-wonk interview with Delirious filmmaker Tom DiCillo. Sample chatter: “We colored six reels in seven days, so we didn't have a lot of time,” DiCillo explained. “JC was able to push the contrast, but, through windows, was able to still keep light in the actors’ eyes." That's entertainment.

Posted at January 19, 2007 9:09 AM

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did you see 'Chicago 10'?
zoom-in didn't think it was all that well done.

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