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Pass the hat for Roger Friedman, $11 poorer and stranded in Chinatown

Some of today's news and notes from around the Tribeca Film Festival:

--Both Jaman and New York Magazine are offering a limited-time offer to check out some of this year's Tribeca selections online for free. Believe it or not, this includes shorts and features, including the acclaimed Between Heaven and Earth, The Optimists and Ken Jacobs' RAZZLE DAZZLE The Lost World. Meanwhile at NYM, Logan Hill and Bilge Ebiri have selected a fistful of their favorite short films as well; Lord knows you're not working anyway, so have a look.

--Following his star turn this week on ReelerTV, West 32nd director Michael Kang had a few words with Gothamist's Karen Wilson about his sophomore directing effort and that troubling philosophical puzzler: "Would that be considered a hate crime if I knocked a European out for giving chinkie eyes?"

--Also upset was Fox gossip-tard Roger Friedman, who went all the way down to "the very Lower East Side" for a Tribeca-related event purportedly honoring Chops' spiritual benefactor Wynton Marsalis. To his dismay, none of the A-listers promised on the tip sheet arrrived, and -- gasp! -- all the old pushcarts had been replaced by Jaguars. Moreover, he wants the publicist to reimburse him for his $11 cab ride. The red ink just gets deeper.

--Will the paparazzi make Brett Ratner monogamous? Not at Tribeca, anyhow.

Posted at May 3, 2007 11:50 AM

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