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September 27, 2006

American Hardcore

Misty, watercolored memories of the way punk was

September 28, 2006

NYC Premiere: Shortbus

The Lower East Side gets it in the end

NYC Premiere: The Departed

A-list free-for-all welcomes Scorsese, Nicholson, DiCaprio and... Ed Zwick?

Goodbye to All That

Old Joy, The Last Kiss and the farewell to friendship

The Killer Inside: Vachon Tells All

NYC indie legend talks up new book at Lincoln Center

The Last King of Scotland

Messianic melodrama undercuts riveting Whitaker

NYFF: Blessed Be the Children

Todd Field meets the family again in well-done sophomore effort

September 29, 2006

Winter of Our Discontent: NYC Film Blogs Defend the Pioneer Theater

The absolute must-read item of the day is over at Nerve's movie blog ScreenGrab,...

'Grandma's Boy,' 'Haven' Among Distinguished Nominees for High Times Stony Awards

I know how hormonally atwitter some of you get at the mere sniff of...

'We'll Let Them Do Whatever': 'Murderball' Director Rubin Discusses Mangold's Fictional Adaptation

The quadriplegic rugby documentary Murderball, which I cherish and regard as the best documentary...

Welcome Back to The Reeler

A note from the editor

NYFF: The Queen

Frears harnesses the magic of Mirren

Coppola, Altman, Burton Among Filmmakers in MMI's New Pinewood MP3's

The Museum of the Moving Image just busted out with one of the more astonishing Web features I have seen in a long time.

Something For the Grown-Ups

When it comes to wooing the adult audience, indies show studios how it's done

NYFF's Best-Kept Secret Not Even in the Program

Jamie Stuart's NYFF diary is a wry, beautifully shot gem of self-effacement and ho-hum filmmaking satire.

A Guide to Recognizing Your Saints

Queens native Montiel makes high-strung directing debut

Opening Night News From CineKink and Harlem International Film Festival

Uptown and downtown, premieres aplenty

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