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October 2, 2006

This Jost In From the NYT

Filmmaker's "independently poor" business model stronger than ever

NYFF: Of Woman, Queen and Queens

In the latest entry in his NY Film Festival video diary, filmmaker Jamie Stuart...

'An Important Cinema!': The Pioneer Brings the Mayhem In October

An annual surge of European cult classics, no-budget suspense, horror-porn and a seance with Kim Novak

Pray Tell: Graffiti Doc Infamy Screens Free Tonight at Anthology

It's a long story, but I just got off the phone with filmmaker Doug Pray.

October 3, 2006

Of Angels, Angst and Kushner

Oscar winner Frieda Lee Mock talks about turning her camera on the legendary playwright

Art Fag City: Video Game Culture Thrives in New Documentary

A new column spotlights film and video from the New York art community


Director Mitchell uses sex as the entry point -- and what he finds is uniformly poignant, lonely and exhausted.

Unwatchable? Gilliam Brings Tideland to NYC

"Nobody wanted to touch this thing," filmmaker tells Queens audience

This Weekend: Jesus Camp On the Move

I don't know what "scheduling conflict" means, but I'm sure it has something to do the F train running right behind the screen.

New York Magazine Saves You Trip to Lincoln Center

Five NYFF short films now available on the magazine's Web site

October 4, 2006

Wrestling With Angels

For all the merits of its subject, Kushner doc overstocked with hagiography

Beatty Talks (and Talks) Reds at NYFF

"Diane Keaton is a plot. A very interesting plot."

Reeler Podcast: John Cameron Mitchell

On the Shortbus with the director of the year's unsexiest sex film

Czech, Czech, One, Two: Svankmajer, Trojan En Route to Brooklyn

BAM has had its upcoming New Czech Cinema series announced for a little while...

October 5, 2006

The Departed

Style trumps substance in Scorsese's sordid all-star cop romp

NYFF: Apted Tells New York What's Up

"I'll argue with them about things, and if they insist on not showing stuff, there's not much I can do."

The Return of Pedro

Perennial NYFF-er Almodovar brings Volver and (some lady named Penelope) to Lincoln Center

Sources: Lim Gone As Voice Film Editor

J. Hoberman is safe (if not especially pleased) for the time being, and New Times will attempt to rebuild the Voice's film section around his name.

October 6, 2006

Little Children

Powerful Winslet can't save Field's soapy suburban drama

One Night Only at IFC Center: An Evening of Oppression, Torture and Death, With Your Host Gaspar Noe

Theater boss John Vanco is on the phone doubling his insurance coverage as we speak.

October 7, 2006

Coney Island FF Screens the Rare and the Restless

Sixth annual festival spotlights lost Strasberg/Gordon film Boardwalk

Three Hours of Sleep: Lynch Unveils Inland Empire In New York

The vulgar courts the sublime in director's epic Hollywood fever dream

October 9, 2006

Manhattan Festival Madness

The Reeler's whirlwind Sunday tour of the Filipino, South Asian, Harlem and New York Film Festivals

Harvey In the News

I cannot believe it took more than a week to invoke Harvey Weinstein's name in these pages, but alas, the cosmos works well that way.

Thomson Wounded in Own Attack on NYT Reviewer

The moral of the story: When leaping to your defense, watch your head.

October 10, 2006

Art Fag City: The Mess of Mount Weather

The weekly column returns with a look at Cliff Evans' Web-crazy video collage

NYC Premiere: Infamous

"I think he would have employed someone to give him a Web presence," said star Toby Jones. "And then he would have sued him if it didn't represent him how he wanted to be represented."

October 11, 2006


The other Capote film is but a funhouse mirror alteration of its predecessor's droll routine

Noe Out: Filmmaker Revisits Feature Debut at IFC Center

"When you're angry, you just start spitting on anything that's not you."

NYC Premiere: Driving Lessons

Laura Linney and Rupert Grint celebrate the coming-of-age story in Chelsea

Terry Gilliam Has Had Better Trips to New York

The begging was just the beginning. Then he checked his e-mail.

When Tabloids Attack, Part 2,215: Bullock vs. InTouch

Jesus Christ, lady -- Capote would have asked the same thing

Breaking Events News: Richard Leacock and Death of a President En Route to NYC

A couple of good events updates just came over the transom at Reeler HQ:...

Who Wins (and How) When Lynch Self-Distributes Inland Empire?

Forget about "prestige" bookings -- unless Lynch himself is giving viewers their money back or personally issuing signed hold harmless releases prior to each screening.

October 12, 2006

Man of the Year

Old pros Levinson and Williams turn timely idea into thematic fire sale

Barbosa's Salt Kiss Charms NYFF

The Columbia alum and Sundance '06 veteran returns with first film from native Brazil

Day at the Races: What Woody Could Learn From Clint

Eastwood, the quintessential white Republican, might be the most racially progressive Caucasian filmmaker in the land

Gaspar Redux: Noe Unveils Porn to NYU Students

"Before being humans, we are animals," filmmaker confides to The Reeler

October 13, 2006

Deliver Us From Evil

Wrenching documentary looks at a notorious priest and sexual abuse in the Catholic Church

Evil City FF Gets Smart

Music doc a nifty blend of cult evolution, literary moment and klezmer-pop meanderings

October 14, 2006

When Sofia Met Marie

Coppola sabotages her vision outright, resulting in the most conventional kind of boring period trash

October 16, 2006

'We Stuck With the Team': Filmmakers Remember Their First Times

Mitchell guides Mills, Morrison, Cassavetes and Theroux in Tokion Conference panel

'Labyrinth,' Maddin Close Down NYFF

Canadian filmmaker premieres Brand Upon the Brain!: "I'm not used to live events where anything and everything goes wrong all the time."

Lynch's Hair, Almodovar's Woe: Stuart Closes Out NYFF Diaries

As though my having fallen behind is not obvious enough, the better-late-than-never part of...

Variety Throws Four-Oh Bash For NYC Film Office

Oliver stars in Monday package; unions, cops, PA's earn support slots

October 17, 2006

The Sweet and the Sublime

10 days to perfect German with Sweet Land stunner Elizabeth Reaser

Making Whoopee: The Art of CineKink

The celebration of alternative sexuality on film and video celebrates its fourth year

Reeler Screening Series Recap: Nelson Previews Jonestown at Makor

"Nobody is going to do that kind of thing today. We all might be better off if we did -- especially if it wasn't with Jim Jones."

Play Along in the Voice Film Editor Sweepstakes

Where else but Craigslist would you go to look for a prostitute?

October 18, 2006

Sleeping Dogs Lie

Goldthwait's unholy blend of gross-out comedy and romantic comedy makes new film peculiarly riveting

Running With Scissors

Magnetic Bening can't save twee Burroughs adaptation from itself

Leacock's Greatest Hits Return to NYC

Packed IFC Center welcomes verite legend with pals Pennebaker, Maysles and Drew

Art Fag City: When the Theater is the Medium

A pair of installations in Queens complement cinema with design

'It's A Hard Film to Do': Pray Talks Big Rig

"I want the audience to go on the same ride I went on -- except that ride took 40 days. And the movie's 90 minutes."

October 19, 2006

Marie Antoinette

Coppola's queen has everything she could want -- except for an emotional arc

Building Blocks

51 Birch Street asks (and answers) the hardest question of all: Do you want to know your parents?

Of Plympton, Poultry and the Pioneer

You, too, can take home a personal sketch and fond memories of mascot erections

Who are the "World's Stroppiest Actors"?

Great moments in thespian/journalist combat, with your host Ray Pride

October 20, 2006

The Prestige

Jackman, Johansson and Bale work their magic in Christopher Nolan's great thriller

Flags of our Fathers

Eastwood crafts an austere, knowing film about the power of images and the work of the everyday soldier

A Time for Hope: What's Happening in the Hamptons?

Situation premieres, producer honored in typically wild 24 hours on Long Island

One Size Fits All at Eighth Annual NY Turkish Film Festival

Art meets commerce as Turkish cinema comes into its own

'The Weirdo Factor'

Tim Burton Film Festival joins NYC's oddest shorts for a day at Symphony Space

Fordham Fest Screens the Law

First-year event showcases intersection of justice, morality and cinema

October 23, 2006

A Bridge Too Far?

NYC-based filmmaker Steel brings suicide to the screen in The Bridge

Spree to Good Home: IFC's Von Trier Pick-Up Third in a Week

Boss of it All follows weekend buy at Hamptons and hot action with Weinsteins

Snob Porn and Baby Piss: NYM Gets Classy with Michael Lucas

Frank Whaley didn't do that, did he?

Putting the 'Die' in 'Indie': IFP Issues Gotham Award Noms

When three Best Feature nods have a combined $144 million budget, it might be time to change the rules

October 24, 2006

For Your Consideration Getting High-Priced Preview at Lincoln Center

Opening of the Film Society's new Payday Advance kiosk accompanies screening of new Guest mockumentary

Beat the Press

The Borat media frenzy begs the question: Will reporters ever quit rolling over for studios?

THR: New York Film Industry Blowing Up

Report shows economic impact on state more than twice originally estimated

Capitol Add-On: ThinkFilm Bought by L.A. Duo

Sackman and Urman keep their jobs in good merger for both sides

October 25, 2006

Art Fag City: The Return of Comic Book Confidential

Filmmaker Mann discusses seminal comics doc in special screening in NYC

NYC Premiere: Shut Up and Sing

"We just kept the cameras rolling," Maines says of new Dixie Chicks documentary

Diamonds and Dirt: Page Six Reports on Amputeegate and Gallo's "Friend"

Is Hollywood big enough for two troubled humanitarian directors?

October 26, 2006

Death in Queens

"I knew this would upset some people," Death of a President director Range tells MMI crowd

Cowboys Up: New Doc Explores Decadent Miami Drug Trade

Tribeca hit Cocaine Cowboys returns to NYC with tales of excess, glamour and synthesizer fetishes

Soros/Sundance Docs Showcased at Film Forum

Tenth anniversary of documentary grants celebrated with 19 acclaimed films

More Gothams: NYC Execs Speak Out

IW's Kaufman puts ear to ground, hears bitching, hypocrisy and cash registers

Jackman, Winslet Careers Officially in the Crapper

Studio treats the A-list like shit -- but in a good way

Death of a President

Ambitious imagining of Bush's assassination could use a little sense of humor

October 27, 2006

Catch a Fire

Noyce's well-crafted thriller contrasts the confidence of absolute power with the passion it takes to overthrow it


The lessons of Babel are clear; the lessons of Babel infinitely, infuriatingly less so.

Babel: Five Languages in Search of a Story

Globetrotting and orange juggling with Alejandro Gonzalez Iñárritu

Reeler Link Dump: Glory in Passaic Edition

Wherein your humble editor mainlines the last of the coffee and tries to put a rowdy week to bed

October 29, 2006

West Slide Story: Winslet and Jackman Flushed Away at Premiere

A-listers share New York City's biggest john in exclusive Reeler video

October 30, 2006

Resistance and Rebirth

Jancso films lead the way in major Hungarian cinema retrospective at Lincoln Center

Nair's Namesake Opens IAAC Fest

Sixth annual event brings Indian cinema to US mainstream

News Flash: Harvey Weinstein Wins 'Argument'

He slammed the Oscar down on the table in front of Bob and screamed: "Who knows f****** more about scriptwriting, you or me?"

Dilettantes and Renaissance: Yari Picks Up Lost Alec Baldwin Project

Six years and at least three cuts later, the NYC-shot The Devil and Daniel Webster becomes an Alan Smithee film

October 31, 2006

Art Fag City: Not Quite Absolute Wilson

Conventional biography misses point in doc about legendary avant garde director Wilson

Inland Empire to Retake New York in December

Lynch's self-distribution adventure starts up Dec. 6 at IFC Center

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