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When Tabloids Attack, Part 2,215: Bullock vs. InTouch

Via Open All Night, another check of the tape from Monday night's Infamous premiere reveals the type of red carpet meltdown that will make trash tabloids on six continents: Sandra Bullock, who had already endured chanting paparazzi for 30 minutes while explaining her character in the film, Harper Lee, to a largely illiterate inquisitorship, had this explosive encounter with a reporter from InTouch Magazine:

InTouch: "Sandra, I must ask. Do you have a baby on the way?"
Bullock: "Oh my God, that is just a disgusting question. And you know what? What if I couldn't have kids? You know what? That's the way you make women feel when you ask them that question."

So -- note to brazen journalists on the occasion of premieres of films about brazen journalists: Do not ask women about babies, especially women of whom Vanity Fair already made such probing, indiscreet, repeated inquiries earlier this year. Tres gauche, glossy scum.

(Photo: Dennis Van Tine / Open All Night)

Posted at October 11, 2006 1:36 PM

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