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George Almodovar on: Lynch's Hair, Almodovar's Woe: Stuart Closes Out NYFF Diaries

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Lynch's Hair, Almodovar's Woe: Stuart Closes Out NYFF Diaries

As though my having fallen behind is not obvious enough, the better-late-than-never part of me thought I should bring you the last week of updates from Jamie Stuart's brilliant New York Film Festival video diaries. Stuart just posted his final entry today, in fact, so technically I'm only asking for two-thirds of your forgiveness.

The films get increasingly personal as the series goes on, peaking perhaps at the balding Stuart's envy over David Lynch's fulsome follicles: "Who's his barber? Frank Gehry? How does it stay like that? Is there scaffolding inside? Is it made from fiberglass?" Of course, a nice range of directorial perspectives are here as well, including Pedro Almodovar dreading Oscar season and Guillermo Del Toro talking about the freedom of working in the horror genre.

Anyway, in Stuart's own words as the festival ends: "Crap. What do I do now?" What else? Keep shooting, kid. Keep shooting.

Posted at October 16, 2006 11:37 AM

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Hello, I guess we must be long time relatives due to our last name Almodovar.

I am the CEO of Striving for Better Days, Inc. in NYC, USA. I would like to know more about my heritage. My Great Grand Father was from Spain and he went to Puerto Rico where he grew up.

Un placer en conocerte. Que la Bendicion de Dios nos acompane. No se hacer la n en espanol.

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