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September 4, 2007

The News: Bahrani's Star Rising

Also: A sad end to Brooklyn royalty; Turturro's happy ending in Queens

"I'm Always Making Fun of Myself"

Reeler Interview: Paul Auster on Martin Frost, adaptations and a muse named Harvey

Coming Soon: Fall Fest Madness!

Tribeca, Hamptons, shorts in the news as season brings fest glut to NYC

September 5, 2007

All in a Day's Work

Reeler Interview: Musician filmmaker Kraus on his stunning portrait of the artist as a working man

Apatow, Forster, Morris Booked for New Yorker Festival

Tickets for annual highbrow binge on sale Sept. 15

Woodstock Gets Arty For Starters

Married Life, Under the Same Moon chosen as centerpiece films

September 6, 2007

Shoot-ing to Kill

Ex-hack Davis makes the most of Owen, Giamatti and a torrent of lead

Fierce People

The rich are different in Dunne's class-conscious melodrama -- and not in a good way

The Story's In the Setting

New MoMA series examines the relationship between story and backdrop

The Unknown Soldier

Meditation on the actions of Germany's WWII army an entrancing look at the power of civil identity

Screening Toronto: And We're Off!

Inside: De Palma-media slapping match underway; is there a difference between Woody or Miike?

Searchlight Sets Gold Standard Early

Reeler @ TIFF: Respectable actress turns painted Oscar mule for fest

September 7, 2007

Shoot-Out for the Soul of the Western

Reeler Interview: Catching up with James Mangold on the 3:10 to Yuma

Romance and Cigarettes

Turturro's long-delayed musical a staunchly heterosexual take on John Waters

Home of the Brave

Neil Jordan and Terrence Howard reflect from the red carpet on fest's opening night

3:10 to Yuma

The actions the thing in Mangold's revisitation (not revision) of the Western

Braving the Elements

Reeler @ TIFF: Brave One challenges viewers with DNA of superhero vigilantes past

September 8, 2007

Scott Hicks Handles Glass for TIFF

Shine director goes nonfiction with doc about iconic minimalist composer

Captain Mike Across Toronto

Reeler @ TIFF: Moore's new film among most impressive -- and important -- vanity efforts in years

ThinkFilm Hunts Down Helen

Reeler @ TIFF: Actress' NY-based directorial debut Then She Found Me first acquisition of the fest

September 10, 2007

Taymor Brings Universe to City

Filmmaker breaks down much-anticipated, much-maligned Beatles paean for Tribeca crowd

Corbijn Takes Control

Photographer turned director puts Joy Division in black and white for The Reeler

Herzog on Ice

Reeler @ TIFF: Werner Herzog on extinction, audiences and his Antarctic Encounters

September 11, 2007

The Donahue Show

Talk-show veteran turned first-time doc maker exposes subject's Body of War

Ellen Page's Fame Game

Reeler @ TIFF: Juno and The Tracey Fragments actress keeps low profile as star climbs over Toronto

Chop of the World

Reeler @ TIFF: Bahrani's superb sophomore effort screens in North American premiere

Dear Alan Ball: Fuck You. Love, The Reeler

Reeler @ TIFF: Screenwriter's directing debut Nothing is Private highest-valued pile of shit at Toronto

September 12, 2007

The Lost Picture Show

Peter Bogdanovich discusses rediscovered John Ford silent with ReelerTV

Not My Type

Helvetica the documentary explores untold story behind ubiquitous typeface

Screening Toronto: The Critics Speak

Inside: Lee contemplates sex, horror, vomit; Dargis hits Foster profile out of the park

A Petty Dream

Bogdanovich offers Reeler teaser of four-hour NYFF rock doc

September 13, 2007

Toasting Toots

Reeler Interview: Director Jacobson on reviving NYC nightlife giant -- and her grandfather -- for new doc

Woody Allen, European

Reeler @ TIFF: Expat director hints at permanent stay, complacent future

Obscene in Toronto

Reeler @ TIFF: Catching up with publishers- turned-filmmakers behind star-studded Rosset doc

Eastern Promises

Minor Cronenberg, despite his return to "body horror" and a naked bathhouse fight for the ages

Great World of Sound

Small-town scamming opus paves the path of corporate dishonesty

In the Valley of Elah

Haggis brings the heavy in his attempt to weigh in on the cost of the war

The Brave One

Jordan and Foster indulge in vigilante justice and nostalgia-busting for pre-Giuliani New York

September 14, 2007

Green on the Scene

How indie maverick became the unwitting nexus between Apatow and mumblecore

The News: All-Positive Friday!

Inside: Eisenberg kvells and Rothkopf raves; NYT hits the ghetto and we remember Europa

David Cronenberg Finds God

"I've made a religious epic," director jokes at special Eastern Promises screening

Zobel Zobel Zobel

Reeler Flashback: Digging through the archives for the Great World of Sound

September 17, 2007

Horror on Ice

Reeler Interview: NYC scare maestro Larry Fessenden returns with global-warming terror The Last Winter

About Damn Time: Edelstein Joins Blogosphere

The Projectionist commemorates critic's 21st month at NYM

September 18, 2007

A Sayles Job

Filmmaker brings Honeydripper to IFP Week, goes it alone for first time in decades

The News: Sony Classics Happily Married

Also: Grey Gardens grow on HBO; sneak a glimpse at Redacted

Butterfly Kisses

Reeler @ NYFF: Schnabel talks technique and thieves after Bauby bio stunner

September 19, 2007

The News: Landlord Moves In

Also: Bloggers blanket IFP Market; New Yorkers survey the season's Iraq films

September 20, 2007

The Assassination of Jesse James By The Coward Robert Ford

Dominik's poetic, detached James never convincingly joins form with content

Slice of Life

Tropfest @ Tribeca launches sophomore run with new theme and heavy NYC filmmaker line-up

Of Devils and Gauls

Lumet and Rohmer square off in NYFF's octogenarian auteur duel

Into the Wild

Penn brings an older brother's understanding to the tragedy of a young iconoclast

The Jane Austen Book Club

No-brainer chick-pleaser manages a couple of swings above its intellectual weight

September 21, 2007

The News: All-Positive Friday!

Inside: Lloyd Kaufman rises to power; Alamo Drafthouse en route to NYC?

The Girl Can't Help It

Reeler @ NYFF: Chabrol teases, Hutton stuns as drama meets avant-garde

Schwimmer and Co. Chew the Fat

First-time director joins Pegg, Black and Newton for Run Fatboy Run preview

September 24, 2007

The News: The Raping of Pelham One Two Three

Also: Padre finds home at IFC; Michael Haneke hurts the ones he loves

Mills' Cold Reality Screens in NYC

Doc bug bites Thumbsucker director in new film about depression in Japan

A Day in the Life

Reeler @ NYFF: Clarkson, Sachs hit fest for Married Life's NYC bow

The Cult of Bob

Robbins and Balaban recall Robert Altman at 92nd Street Y

September 25, 2007

Getting With the Program

Reeler Interview: Programming chief Pena on selectivity, second-guessing and his 20th NYFF

The News: Apple's SoHo Hipster Explosion

Also: Reel Talk goes national; Australian steals Tropfest cash, promptly expelled

Ferrara's Tales From the City

Reeler @ NYFF: Lusty parable of Paradise lost may be fest's best comedy

September 26, 2007

Clayton Place

Clooney, Swinton go head-to-head in new film and on the NYC red carpet

Operation Enduring Filmmaker

Does Toronto hit blur lines between subject and director -- or is it just out of focus?

September 27, 2007

The Darjeeling Limited

Anderson chucks the suffocating quirks from the train for his most emotionally complex film yet

Feast of Love

Unabashedly sentimental, Benton's latest ensemble piece is also a clear-eyed look at love and longevity

Lust, Caution

The titillation is terrifying in Lee's cunningly effective new period piece

The News: German (Hearts) NY

Also: What Schnabel is talking about when he's talking about Schnabel; parsing the Hamptons FF line-up

ReelerTV: Limited Time Only

Brody and Schwartzman talk Darjeeling; Flavorpill critic Rosman surveys the field

ReelerTV: Limited Time Only

Brody and Schwartzman talk Darjeeling; Flavorpill critic Rosman surveys the field

Coney Island Comeback

Seventh annual fest returns with shorts, spikes and biggest line-up yet

Choice Words

Reeler reviews editor Michelle Orange on early NYFF faves and a bastard named De Palma

September 28, 2007

The News: All-Positive Friday!

Inside: NYFF goes interactive on IFC and GreenCine; Reed goes apeshit over NYFF

Anderson Un-Limited

Reeler @ NYFF: Director talks about shedding quirk for character on new film's Indian journey

The Kingdom

Berg's kill 'em all action flick attempts to elevate itself with clumsy, rock 'n roll politics

Axe to Grind

Reeler @ NYFF: Doc vets Pincus and Small turn camera on themselves in Katrina-ravaged South

Ang-ry Young Men

"White trash!" and other great quotes from the NYC premiere of the year

September 30, 2007

There You Have It

Reeler Interview: Todd Haynes on Dylan, mythology and the ambition of I'm Not There

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