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ReelerTV today welcomes a talk-show pioneer now keeping it real -- very, very real -- as a documentary filmmaker in Toronto. Phil Donahue's film Body of War, co-directed by Ellen Spiro and premiering tonight in one of the most highly anticipated events of the fest (Eddie Vedder is performing two songs written especially for the movie), is the staggering tale of Tomas Young, an Army veteran who enlisted for service in Afghanistan after 9/11 only to be deployed to Iraq and subsequently paralyzed by gunshot wound through the spine. His rehabilitation is intercut with the false, facile talking points leading up to Congress' abrogation of war authorization to President Bush in 2002. Combined, it's a stirring, explosive anti-war fury -- unapologetically honest and ultimately devastating. I'm thrilled to have had a word with Donahue and Young last weekend in Toronto.

We also catch up once more with our dear friend Karina Longworth from Spout Blog about her Peter Greenaway experience and other notable festival films in town. Be sure to read about and continue the discussion of all of the festival's titles at Spout.

Stay tuned as ReelerTV @ TIFF wraps up Wednesday with another very special New York guest...

--S.T. VanAirsdale

Posted at September 11, 2007 9:12 AM

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