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October 12, 2006

Barbosa's Salt Kiss Charms NYFF

The Columbia alum and Sundance '06 veteran returns with first film from native Brazil

October 9, 2006

Manhattan Festival Madness

The Reeler's whirlwind Sunday tour of the Filipino, South Asian, Harlem and New York Film Festivals

October 7, 2006

Coney Island FF Screens the Rare and the Restless

Sixth annual festival spotlights lost Strasberg/Gordon film Boardwalk

October 5, 2006

NYFF: Apted Tells New York What's Up

"I'll argue with them about things, and if they insist on not showing stuff, there's not much I can do."

October 3, 2006

New York Magazine Saves You Trip to Lincoln Center

Five NYFF short films now available on the magazine's Web site

October 2, 2006

NYFF: Of Woman, Queen and Queens

In the latest entry in his NY Film Festival video diary, filmmaker Jamie Stuart...

September 29, 2006

Opening Night News From CineKink and Harlem International Film Festival

Uptown and downtown, premieres aplenty

NYFF: The Queen

Frears harnesses the magic of Mirren

September 28, 2006

NYFF: Blessed Be the Children

Todd Field meets the family again in well-done sophomore effort

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