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Matt Singer on: A.O. TV: Scott to Join Roeper this Weekend

STV on: A.O. TV: Scott to Join Roeper this Weekend

Matt Singer on: A.O. TV: Scott to Join Roeper this Weekend

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A.O. TV: Scott to Join Roeper this Weekend

True story you won't believe: Before last week, I had never watched Ebert & Roeper. So I experienced an all-new kind of televised weirdness when Harold Ramis dropped in as Ebert's substitute and proceeded to preface his For Your Consideration review with the disclaimer that the cast was full of his friends. Shockingly enough, he loved it.

Which, really, is neither here nor there compared to Ropert's disclosure that followed as the show wound down 10 minutes later: "Next week's guest host will be New York Times film critic A.O. Scott." What? The A.O. Scott? Tony? What luck I have, wherein my failure to sustain Saturday-night plans one week lead to the best Saturday night plans of the year only a few days later. Never mind that fog on your monitor; it's just me mouthbreathing.

Anyway, Scott and Roeper will be bonding over Bond with their reviews of Casino Royale, followed by Happy Feet, Fast Food Nation, Candy and Bobby. Should I live-blog this? TiVo? I feel like my kid's having a piano recital.

Posted at November 17, 2006 1:55 PM

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Scott's already guest-hosted at least twice for Roger during his illness -- but then, if you've never seen the show before you wouldn't know.

When you say you've never seen it, does that also include Siskel and Ebert as well or just the more recent incarnation?

Thank you, Matt, for setting me straight. This is a cultural blind spot I'm ashamed to admit to. I was indeed a loyal Siskel and Ebert viewer, and I would attribute at least a good portion of my ignorance to my disinterest in seeing Mr. Siskel replaced. Now that even Ebert is convalescing, a televised Tony Scott exegesis of Happy Feet is really the only thing that could get me tune in. My popcorn is already popped, my couch already cleared.

Not a problem. I too was a devout S & E viewer and there's no question E & R is far inferior, New Coke to its Coca-Cola Classic. Too bad in this case they simply couldn't just return to the old formula.

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