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Oscar Pilger on: Rosefelt Returns, Indie Filmmakers Queue Around the Block

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Rosefelt Returns, Indie Filmmakers Queue Around the Block

Attention microbudget moviemakers, festival hopefuls and generally ambitious cinema types sitting on the greatest film since, well, your last one: New York indie-film publicity godhead Reid Rosefelt is officially back in business.

As noted today on his blog at Zoom In Online:

After thinking about this for many years, I've decided to launch a consulting service for independent filmmakers. I won't go to the festival with them, but I'll give them advice that will help them once they're there.
Most first-time directors and producers are bewildered by marketing, and it can take years before they really begin to figure things out. Some of them never do. Knowing how to present your film and yourself is a valuable skill to have if you want to keep on making movies.
I can only take on a few clients at this point, but perhaps that will change in the future. I'm really excited by the opportunity to work directly with young filmmakers again.

So there: You can never again say The Reeler is a channeler of solely bad news. This is easily the happiest development I've reported since Michel Gondry saved Passaic.

Posted at November 8, 2006 12:36 PM

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speaking of film festivals - my friend told me about a film/art festival going on for mobile phones. i just uploaded a 10 minute video that my friends and i put togeter this weekend to Zannel Fest. Super easy to upload and have a chance at winning hilarious prizes and cash...take a gander and let's compete!

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