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Smiley Face NYC Bound After All

Anna Faris in Smiley Face (Photo: Lacey Terrell via MTV)

By S.T. VanAirsdale

Only a couple months after the sturm und drang accompanying news that Gregg Araki's cult fave Smiley Face was doomed to a quick Los Angeles release and subsequent video dumping by distributor First Look, word arrives at Reeler HQ that the Anna Faris stoner farce will indeed get a two-week New York run starting Dec. 26 at IFC Center. Only then, with a fistful of blurb-ready reviews from local publications, will it be unceremoniously dumped on DVD.

The film picked up its initial buzz last January at Sundance before all but disappearing from the face of the Earth; check out Larry Carroll's MTV report from September and trace the outrage from there. I'm a heroin man myself, so I'll hold out for my long-awaited screwball junkie comedy before I start blushing with anything close to justice.

Posted at December 5, 2007 5:02 PM

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I'm upset too because Araki's last film was the terrific "Mysterious Skin" so considering how much of an about face this is (a story about two teens coping with childhood sexual abuse followed by a stoner comedy), it kinda sucks that I can't see his latest film on the big screen.

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