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Kid Gets in the Picture

In a late-night sneak over the transom, representatives for Ami Bar-Lev's Sundance competition documentary My Kid Could Paint That passed along word that A&E snagged the film's North American television rights. The deal gives the network -- under its A&E Indie FIlms banner -- an equity stake in the film as it prepares its charge for a theatrical deal.

Bar-Lev's doc chronicles the filmmaker's investigation into the matter of 4-year-old art prodigy Marla Olmstead, who, according to the A&E statement, "sold hundreds of thousands of dollars of abstract paintings before her father was accused of secretly having a hand in the work." Ultimately, things got personal between Bar-Lev and the principals; check back here Thursday for The Reeler's pre-festival interview with him regarding this project and his Sundance experience.

Posted at January 17, 2007 7:52 AM

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