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Shocking Footage! Filmmaker Kills Reeler

If you've ever wanted to kill Reeler editor S.T. VanAirsdale, Jamie Stuart lived the dream last week in Park City. In this video dispatch from the Filmmaker Magazine blog, Stuart turns in one of his more impressionistic portraits of film festival life -- no narration, no big celebrity sound bites, just a general Sundance-rookie disorientation and an aggrieved nudge that doomed your humble editor to a chilly demise. Intercut with a Shooter Jennings performance. And a fantasy interlude with Sienna Miller's jewelry. And a quick word from Julien Temple and Great World of Sound filmmaker Craig Zobel among others.

View the carnage here, and send your condolences -- in the form of news tips -- here.

Posted at January 30, 2007 5:28 PM

Comments (1)

You die real good, Stu.

Plus, now you have the honor of saying you co-starred in a short with Steve Buscemi and Sienna "simulated sex, my ass" Miller.

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