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Some of today's movie news of note from around the Sundance Film Festival:

--The crazy fuckers at Entertainment Weekly sent a press release alerting Sundance media to the presence of "celebrity bloggers" Rainn Wilson, Billy Baldwin and -- wait for it -- Tara Reid in Park City. "HI its Tara Reid and i'm in Sundance its freezing here but alot of fun and alot of work my movie premieres tonight and i'm really excited," Reid actually writes by way of introduction, setting mainstream media's perception of bloggers back about, oh, six hours.

--As you've probably noticed by now, I've been sticking pretty close to Hollywood Reporter know-it-alls Anne Thompson, Gregg Goldstein and Nicole Sperling for most of my festival dealmaking coverage, and today is no different: Their Tuesday wrap-up has all latest about the Weinsteins pairing up with everybody but me on a Sundance purchase, including La Misma Luna (Fox Searchlight), Dedication (Fox Searchlight) and Teeth (Lionsgate, like you didn't see that coming).

--indieWIRE has an especially in-depth report about some of those deals and the conditions under which they were made, including an early-arriving Harvey stealing John Sloss away from Monday night's Cinetic Party to "talk business." And grab a couple of those tasty garlic crostinis before they got cold. But mostly business.

--Over at Zoom-In Online, Reid Rosefelt, Annie Frisbie and the gang are continuing their video diligence featuring interviews with Brett Morgen and Jason Kohn and Rosefelt's extraordinary Adrienne Shelly memoir: "I have never really been able to explain to people why I thought I should make a film about a singing frog, but maybe it's enough to say that Adrienne Shelly thought making a film about a singing frog was a magnificent idea, and Adrienne Shelly was never wrong."

Posted at January 24, 2007 10:52 AM

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