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ReelerTV is on something of a break, but we couldn't help but bring it back this week to hear from Tamara Jenkins about her new film The Savages, which we caught in its acclaimed run earlier this fall in Toronto. In this week's episode, Jenkins tells us what she's been up to since her 1998 breakthrough Slums of Beverly Hills, and gives us the background on working with a bulletproof cast including Philip Seymour Hoffman, Laura Linney and Philip Bosco. Cinecultist editor Karen Wilson also drops by as well to share her two cents about a pair of this week's new releases, Margot at the Wedding and Redacted.

Many thanks to our genius sponsors at Paramount Vantage, and continued appreciation as always to RTV's fine producers Scott Solary and Luci Westphal of Good Hard Working People.

And as always, thanks to you for having a look...

--S.T. VanAirsdale, editor

ReelerTV: Savages Take Over

Director Jenkins chats about acclaimed family drama; Cinecultist Wilson on Redacted and Margot
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