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I presume this may have wound up somewhere else on the Web yesterday, but I haven't seen it and I can't imagine it didn't have most New York Post readers flipping the tabloid page with confused disgust: David Lynch on the record about both his passion for transcendental meditation and his future in brand-driven product development:

Q: (W)hat's up with the David Lynch line of coffee?

A: The Signature Cup of coffee will be in stores in January, but you can get a cup at most of the theaters showing Inland Empire. Proceeds from the coffee sales go toward a scholarship at the American Film Institute. ...

Q: Your films are dark and dreamlike, which seems odd for a meditator.

A: Stress and conflict and all that is beautiful in a story, but you don't have to suffer to show suffering. If someone is stressed, they are putting a clamp on their bliss and creativity. There are lots of forms of meditation, and if you transcend in your meditation you get to the bliss. ...

Q: Where can one see the furniture you make? Is it ever for sale?

A: Right now, it is not on view or for sale. I hope I can unite with a good company and get something going in the furniture department one of these days.

Here's hoping it's made of better quality material than Inland Empire -- or something possessing at least a little finer grain. Follow the link also for a vague-as-hell non-update regarding the DVD reissue of the Twin Peaks' pilot. And don't forget Lynch will be at the Union Square Barnes & Noble tomorrow evening, Jan. 11, to pimp his new book on meditation. More on that here.

Posted at January 10, 2007 1:40 PM

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