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NYC Gossips Go Girl Crazy

The last couple of nights featured the long-awaited New York unveiling of Factory Girl, which have yet to yield any reviews but whose generally phenomenal aura received a close look from breathless local gossips:

--Believe it or not, Cindy Adams gets the most substantive premiere material from star Sienna Miller -- analogizing her party lifestyle to that of the dead starlet ("Look, I'm doing all this p.r. for a movie that's coming out. It's a big publicity push. I have to do it. It's part of my job.") -- and Edie Sedgwick's brother John, the latter of whom avoided the aborted-Dylan-baby card long enough to note how his dead sibling "was manipulative. This in some way served her sense of drama." Classy.

--John Sedgwick makes only a "just say no" cameo in Roger Friedman's party dispatch, which praises the film as "a good movie, and not just some languishing-on-the-shelf disaster" and also strives to squelch rumors of that Miller reckless streak: "Sienna is not anorexic, a drug addict, a sex addict or any of those things. She is not a candidate for the cover of Us Weekly magazine."

--Paula Schwartz files innocuously enough at The Carpetbagger, forcing even more John Sedgwick on us before the final Miller interlude:

“I like the Edie hat,” (Miller) told the Baguette, who was wearing an old-fashioned newsboy cap. The Baguette said she liked the braids Ms. Miller wore during the Golden Globes.

“I know it got mixed reviews,” she laughed. “I had the braid in my room and on an impulse I just wrapped it around my head. Very Edie.”

Also featured: Guy Pearce stating the obvious about Andy Warhol. Stifling reading, really, but we're all about completism around Reeler HQ.

--The gang over at Open All Night have comment from Miller and -- wait for it -- co-star Jimmy Fallon. Run, don't walk.

--Rush and Molloy have the most scandalous item of the day, claiming that Miller and co-star Hayden Christensen -- whose Dylan-esque character inspired such revulsion among the singer's attorneys -- actually had sex in their Factory Girl love scenes. Gasp! As previously noted in this space, my glimpse at the scenes revealed a bored Miller and a thoroughly baffled Christensen, neither of whom looked especially ecstatic to be coupling for the camera. But anything's possible, I suppose. Director George Hickenlooper won't comment, Miller's publicist denies it, Harvey's having another looking at the footage to see what he can add to the DVD.

--And if you haven't yet seen Miller's post-premiere costume change, hide the kids and click here.

Posted at January 31, 2007 10:59 AM

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