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Obligatory Golden Globes Wrap-Up: Scorsese Wins, America Sleeps

I was bumping around the Web this morning and discovered that some club calling itself the Hollywood Foreign Press Association threw a party last night. It was called the Golden Globe Awards; evidently this is a big deal in Los Angeles or somewhere, and I guess it's even broadcast on national television. Anyway, the attendance of New Yorkers like David Carr and Martin Scorsese hinted that perhaps it was an event worth looking into. Alas, the extent of Carr's Marty coverage implies difficulty caring:

Martin Scorsese finally has a major directing award for “The Departed,” and boy did he seem happy.

Coffee, Mr. Carr? Meanwhile, at Hollywood Elsewhere, the liveblogging Jeff Wells seems to have a little better idea of what was going on:

Martin Scorsese wins! Comments: "Thank you, Hollywood Foreign Press....I'm gonna talk a little bit faster than I normally do. (He thanks all the producers, the agent/manager reps, William Monahan, Thelma Schoonmaker...the original film....Leo, Jack, Mark Wahlberg, Marty Sheen, Alec Baldwin.) "I wanted to make an old Warner Bros. movie like Angels with Dirty Faces -- we wound up making Devils with Dirty Faces."

As proof of the institutional illegitimacy of the "Globes," its awarding body named the laugh-out-loud comedy Babel its Best Picture in the dramatic category. Wells again has the pictures; Alejandro González Iñárritu looks awfully proud to be clutching the bowling trophy he's been awaiting all these years.

Hooray for Hollywood, but thank God for earthquakes.

Posted at January 16, 2007 9:34 AM

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