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Screening Gotham: Caryn James Now Twice as Embarrassing

Some of today's movie news of note from around New York:

--All-Positive Friday is long gone, which shouldn't necessarily imply that I'm out to be nasty and mean just for the sake of it. Rather, may I constructively suggest that Caryn James at least pretend like she gives a shit about her work? Sunday's Oscar package featured two vintage James trainwrecks: these twee, all-caps taxonomies of media hype apparently called in from bed (curiously absent is "HUGE OSCAR PACKAGE IN SUNDAY NY TIMES"); and an appreciation of that ever-underappreciated megastar Brad Pitt:

It’s not as if he had been a little mouse during his marriage to Jennifer Aniston, but his fame vaulted into a different sphere when he became half of a world-traveling, child-adopting, Africa-saving couple, a team shrewd at manipulating its own image. Whether some fresh seriousness and maturity drew him to this new life or the new relationship made him more serious and mature only he can say.

Indeed -- such mystery! But enough about James's job security.

--Speaking of hacks, 2006's most prolific Quote Whores are singled out in the cherished annual tradition at eFilmCritic. I love this feature, but not nearly as much as I love the accompanying Harry Knowles artwork. Best. Monday morning. Ever. (Via CHUD)

--The geniuses at Film Ick read an interview with Kirsten Dunst, flexed their deductive muscle and determined that Michel Gondry would soon direct the starlet in a Debbie Harry biopic. Except that the interview inferred the same thing. And nobody can confirm it. Hence the headline: "Michel Gondry To Direct Debbie Harry Biopic." Suddenly Roger Friedman looks like Edward R. Murrow.

--Before he fled back to Los Angeles after an eventful month in NYC, Jeff Wells contributed this rock and roll review. Featuring distribution execs, natch.

--And, in the spirit of equal time, David Poland gives NYC media a ride to the Greyhound depot on Cahuenga and buys them a one-way ticket east. Ah, the kindness of strangers.

Posted at January 8, 2007 9:22 AM

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