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Screening Gotham: Even Blurb Queens Hate Factory Girl

Some of today's movie news of note from around New York:

--You know things are looking bleak when the most innocuous gossip in New York spins your film as so-bad-it's-good. "Factory Girl ... is the sort of compulsively enjoyable bad movie that Andy (Warhol) himself would have loved," Liz Smith writes in her introduction to today's interview with Sienna Miller, citing the "tawdry, overworked genre" and "the cliché-riddled script." However, she continues, "Sienna seems to be in another movie -- a somewhat better one." And you know, that's probably enough for the Weinsteins to paraphrase for their benefit on a DVD cover. We knew we could count on her.

--More Warhol-related gossip (via Page Six): The Gershwin Hotel plans Warhol Week to commemorate the 20th anniversary of the artist's death on Feb. 22. The big film events include Vincent Freemont presenting his Brigid Berlin doc Pie in the Sky Feb. 20 and a 24-hour Warhol movie marathon the following day. Take that, Fassbinder. Bitch.

--To the friends and colleagues whom I invited to the inaugural Reeler Oscar Party here in New York: Please accept my humble regrets that our Feb. 25 event will feature neither Arlene Dahl nor "Little Miss Sunshine lemon chiboust with coconut bisquit." Which reminds me: What do you all like on your pizza?

--David Linde come home -- all is forgiven: The former Focus Features co-president now helps run the studio that green-lit the forthcoming Milli Vanilli biopic. I can feel the flames of hell encroaching from here. (hat tip: The House Next Door)

Posted at February 15, 2007 9:26 AM

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