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Screening Gotham: Graydon Stranded in Chicago?

Some of today's movie news of note from around New York:

--Page Six reports that Vanity Fair editor Graydon Carter, who scored big as a producer of Brett Morgen's 2002 documentary The Kid Stays in the Picture, is patiently awaiting a return on his investment in Morgen's Sundance '07 opener Chicago 10, which, curiously or not, is still on the market. "It was literally finished on the airplane going out to Sundance, and Brett is still working on it," Carter told the Page. "That said, the film is incredibly powerful, and there are a number of people interested." And a number of dollars dropping off the price every day it doesn't sell. In other words: Hurry it up, Brett.

--Over at the Alliance of Women Film Journalists' site, Carrie Rickey does some serious number-crunching in the search for trends among women filmmakers; the news looks promising for documentary, but not so much for top-grossers. Your comment is invited.

--Devin Faraci attempted to corner George Hickenlooper into an ETA on the DVD release of his and Fax Bahr's mesmerizing Apocalypse Now doc, Hearts of Darkness. Alas, he seems to have cornered the wrong guy: “I talked to Francis about it three years ago, and at the time he said he wasn’t ready for it to go out. I think he’s uncomfortable with certain aspects of the film.” This supposedly means he wants more context, but I think we all know it's too soon after Redux to repackage Hearts of Darkness in the Ultimate Apocalypse Box Set; color me cynical, but I've got my money on Christmas 2009.

--Cam Archer's New Directors/New Films '06 entry Wild Tigers I Have Known -- sort of a Van Sant-meets-Lynch coming-of-age meltdown -- is going out via IFC First Take, indieWIRE reports.

Posted at January 31, 2007 9:47 AM

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