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Screening Gotham: Scott Rudin Has Friends Everywhere

Some of today's movie news of note from around New York:

--Finally! A New York film power broker cracks Gawker's poll of the city's worst bosses. Scott Rudin (right) scores big on BlackBerry-throwing, serial firing (and re-hiring) and a decidedly unsavory subway ban intended to keep assistants reachable 24/7, but the real coup de graceless might be the interns who must passably cultivate Rudin's stubble before being moved onto phone-fielding and coffee-fetching. Good luck in the finals, boss. (NB: Scroll down to the post's reader comments for a awe-inspiring shitstorm of loathing and gossip.)

--How bad does novelist Jonathan Lethem want to be in pictures? So bad that he'll give one lucky filmmaker the rights to his new novel on consignment. More on his Web site (via Radar).

--In what may possibly be my favorite movie review ever, Variety's Jay Weissberg torpedoes the experimental gay/lesbian mish-mash Fucking Different New York: "Even the normally worthy Barbara Hammer delivers substandard goods, though hers sticks to the stated theme, unlike Jack Waters' pretentious, unfocused (in so many ways) Occupy My Ass, Not Iraq, which fails to live up to its amusing title. ... Tech credits are generally abysmal(.)"

--In today's local casting news, add Steve Buscemi to the short list of actors sought to portray the Creature in any American remake of The Host. I, for one, trust Bong Joon-ho's vision. (Via ScreenGrab)

Posted at March 14, 2007 8:39 AM

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