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Screening Gotham: Sex, Death and Heroism Edition

--Exercising his redoubtable heroism for the second time in as many weeks, subway-track rescuer Wesley Autrey shielded his daughters from the advances of the New York Film Academy, which pledged scholarships for each after the 50-year-old saved film student Cameron Hollopeter's tuition-paying ass from an oncoming train. Talk about taking a bullet. (Via Gawker)

--Steve Irwin -- another famous father not quite made of steel -- will be looking on from heaven as his 8-year-old daughter is exploited on her own TV show. Meanwhile, the videotape of his death has been destroyed, putting to rest the rumors of the feature-length Crocodile Hunter sequel Stingray Prey and its corresponding swag tee, "I WENT SNORKELING AT THE GREAT BARRIER REEF AND ALL I GOT WAS KILLED." The NYC film angle? Admittedly, none. Sorry.

--Now is your chance to appear in the most sexually graphic mainstream movie ever! Well, at least in the end credits. Of the DVD. (Via Chud)

--Armond Dangerous comes through with a breakdown of its namesake's "Better-Than List," attributing the quote of the year (the World Trade Center/"healing" conflation, natch) even before Armond has a chance to review Black Snake Moan.

--Bloggers unite! Or whatever it is we do: DIY filmmaking guru Sujewa Ekanayake proposes a Jim Jarmusch blog-a-thon in honor of the director's forthcoming 54th birthday Jan. 22. I'll have my hands full, but I figure someone around here might be able to pull something together.

Posted at January 9, 2007 9:59 AM

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