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The News: Bet on Blueberry Nights!

By S.T. VanAirsdale

Some of today's movie news of note from around New York:

--I'm in a gambling mood today, and as such, I'd like to start a pool for anyone interested in predicting the ultimate release date for Wong Kar-wai's English-language debut My Blueberry Nights. Shot partially in Manhattan in 2006, the film found a home with the Weinstein Company after its Cannes '07 premiere. Squashing rumors of a holiday release, TWC eventually announced a Feb. 14 opening in New York. However, word came Monday to Reeler HQ that Valentine's Day is out, and April 4 (Heath Ledger's birthday?) is in. Whatever. I'm charging $10 a square for up to 25 squares, plus $5 extra if you call it straight-to-DVD. We're talking a whopping potential $375 here -- who wants in? Not so fast, Wong.

--NY Daily News stalwart Jack Mathews will have to gamble a little more conservatively in the months ahead: The veteran critic and film journalist sent word to friends and colleagues yesterday announcing his forthcoming retirement. Congratulations and best of luck to Jack and his wife, who are headed out to Oregon; in his honor, a little blast from the past courtesy of his blog, Movies in Focus.

--Everybody's wrapping their Sundance '08 coverage, but I'm especially fond of Scott Foundas' survey in The Voice and Jonathan Dana's cautiously optimistic observations posted at Anne Thompson's blog: "The so-called 'dumb-money' has started to hit the screens. ... We all want the brass ring in one form or another. I just hope the hangover won't be too severe this time."

--And a hearty blogospheric welcome to Andrew O'Hehir, Salon's resident indie guru who recently adapted his Beyond the Multiplex column to a blog that, upon review, may have had some of of the best regular coverage coming out of Park City. Better to catch up late than never at all, I suppose.

Posted at January 29, 2008 8:15 AM

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