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The News: Blurb Whore Honored, Mourned

Whore casualty: Pete Hammond

By S.T. VanAirsdale

Some of today's movie news of note from around New York:

--If you think this site's Top 10 of Top 10 Lists are mean, nasty, overwrought or just plain stupid, do not visit my spiritual cousin Erik Childress at eFilmCritic, who has exhaustively compiled his annual list of the top 10 Blurb Whores in contemporary criticism. At the top of the list: "Michael Medved Bag of Douche Memorial Award Winner" Pete Hammond, the Maxim hack whose offenses Childress has tracked for a while now and who we learn (via SpoutBlog) was unceremoniously shitcanned for his efforts. "At least he’s got a parting gift with that big ol' bag of douche on the way out," Childress writes. Congratulations, I guess.

--In keeping with his film festival's reasonable ticket prices, Robert De Niro's soon-to-open Greenwich Hotel is offering one-night stays at the low, low cost of $725 per night. Before you ask: Yes, the tile is Moroccan, and yes, the Internet service is free.

--The Reeler's favorite NY Times blogger who is not David Carr busts out with a new animation today: Jeff Scher's Trigger Happy is what he calls an "animated ballet," but with a monochrome orgy of kitsch, shapes and unusually telegenic household items. You've never seen more exotic-looking whisks.

--Scott Macaulay broke the news Tuesday that industry payroll titan Axium International apparently succumbed to bankruptcy. I'm not laughing, but the ensuing panic, ambulance-chasing (check out the comments on the Filmmaker blog)
and mortification reminds me of the swift, sudden pile-up in Nashville. But, you know, with studios, contractors and their money where the cars should be.

Posted at January 9, 2008 7:31 AM

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