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A quick rundown of day-ending news and notes stealing in through the transom:

--Magnolia Pictures today announced its acquisition of The Great World of Sound (right), the brainchild of Manhattan's own Craig Zobel and my favorite film at this year's Sundance Film Festival. The picture just wound up a successful SXSW run in Austin and will screen in town next week at the 36th New Directors/New Films festival; check back here next week for a follow-up with Zobel and a few of that event's other great NYC talents. (And catch up with Zobel from Sundance with his previous Reeler interview here.)

--Steve Buscemi's remake of Theo Van Gogh's Interview, another Sundance '07 alum shot in NYC and starring Buscemi and Sienna Miller, went earlier today to Sony Pictures Classics.

--Remember that LiveMansion: The Movie project I told you about last year, featuring a director, screenplay and cast chosen by social networking committee -- of 100,000 people? I was a little skeptical then, but I have to admit: After checking out some of the director auditions last week in Tribeca (at an event co-judged by Spike Lee; check back here for a recap when the audition shorts go online March 26), I think I underestimated its potential. Now I'm told that on Monday a panel comprising John Leguizamo, Michael Rapaport and Cara Buono will judge the audition tapes of 24 actors vying for the eight lead roles. More than half are local; to them I say break a leg and knock 'em dead, especially the ones from Pennsylvania.

--This Saturday at Cinema Village, you can check out a matinee screening of James Scurlock's doc Maxed Out for free. The catch is that you must cut up an unexpired credit card at the box office. The good news: It's early enough in the day to report it lost or stolen afterward and charge a ticket to see American Cannibal.

Posted at March 15, 2007 6:39 PM

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