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Screening Tribeca: The New Durst Hits the Town

(Photo: Rahav Segev/NYT)

Some of today's news and notes from around the Tribeca Film Festival:

--NY Times gadabout Mickey Rapkin went strolling through the minutiae of Fred Durst's recent night at Soho House, revealing a still-active pick-up game, more sensitivity you may not have gotten from his splendid recent turn on ReelerTV and the one degree of separation between Bill Clinton and Durst's mother's beef jerky. Eww! Not that! Sicko.

--At the Post, Lou Lumenick mixed a backhanded compliment in among the jabs and uppercuts he's been lobbing at the festival of late. Evidently, he likes Passio, the transcendent atrocity clip show screening to revolted audiences and over-the-moon critics since last week; this is the silver lining to a much darker, denser Tribeca cloud, Lumenick writes, noting, "I personally think Passio was the sort of artsy and somewhat pretentious oddity that would have been more at home at Anthology Film Archives, but it at least it was more adventurous than most of this year's Tribeca program. So you have to give Bob and Jane credit for that." I'm sure their hearts race with gratitude.

--Incidentally, while Lumenick filters and reprints reader sympathies for his blistering anti-Tribeca screed last week, I have a correction to request: That part about, "And so far, no New York filmmaker has had a true breakout film at Tribeca"? You might double-check that with Rachel Grady and Heidi Ewing.

--As per usual, Hollywood Reporter know-it-all Gregg Goldstein has the latest on Tribeca acquisitions through the weekend, including 9 Star Hotel, Vivere and Fraulein.

--Finally, if you haven't gotten enough viewing recommendations from my brilliant colleagues in The Screening Room, Andrew Grant has a typically tasteful, well-qualified list of should-sees (and maybe one must-see) at Like Anna Karina's Sweater.

Posted at April 30, 2007 12:23 PM

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