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A Note From the Editor

For better or worse, I've spent nearly the last three years in this space gazing, gawking and sometimes glaring at the fantastic spectrum that is New York City cinema. Starting Monday, March 17, I'll be widening this focus full-time for the good people at Defamer, where I'll be writing about film business, culture and related mayhem on a daily basis. The Reeler, meanwhile, will return to the blog format through which it was conceived. It will continue to publish often (if not quite as often), featuring observations on local film, filmmakers and happenings from yours truly and many of the fine writers who have made this site such a pleasure and privilege for me to be a part of since 2005.

For reasons likely obvious to regular readers, this is a bittersweet move for me. I remember the site's original traffic statistics revealing a whole six readers daily; it has since bloomed to a wide, loyal audience that I hope will continue to drop by while also joining me at Defamer. You should also keep up with our brilliant regular critics Michelle Orange and Vadim Rizov at The Village Voice. Eric Kohn, meanwhile, is making a grand go of things with the new Web site Stream. Christopher Campbell is now a regular at Spout. The genius ReelerTV producers Scott Solary and Luci Westphal have made splashes with the online video series Wallstrip and the soon-to-premiere doc All God's Children. Miriam Bale and Annaliese Griffin have taken up residence blogging for AMC. I'm very proud of what they and a long list of distinguished Reeler contributors have collaboratively accomplished here in such a brief period of time, and as much as we can, we intend to continue that spirit here as long as there is cinema in the madhouse we call New York.

My deepest gratitude goes to you, dear reader -- our word-of-mouth motor when we're on a roll and our patient listeners during our most extreme jags, lags and ebbs. Your support means so much, and I look forward to seeing you out and about on the Web and here in the city, keeping hope alive for a film culture that we can parse, celebrate, debate and, naturally, love.

Many, many, many sincere thanks for reading.

--S.T. VanAirsdale
Editor, The Reeler

Posted at March 14, 2008 6:21 AM

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Best of luck, Stu. It was always will be a pleasure.



Congrats, Stu. I'll keep checking back here at The Reeler and seeing what you're up to on Defamer. All my best!

Congrats, Stu! I'm sure you'll bring the passion you've expressed at TheReeler to Defamer, and I look forward to following your work there. You've established a unique and valuable voice in the community, and I'm glad you've found a nice niche where it will continue to resound loudly. All my best!

Hahahahaha. Whore.

who cares.

Just catching up with the news, look forward to much enjoyable double-dipping ahead. Congrats!

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