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Factory Girl Opens in Exile; Hickenlooper Haunts the Rumor Mill

On the warpath: Hickenlooper with Factory Girl star Sienna Miller

After a screening for the cool kids last night in New York, Jeffrey Wells took a long walk through Factory Girl today over at Hollywood Elsewhere. The film opens today in Los Angeles, and Wells' allusion is that the Weinsteins' year-end Oscar gamble on Sienna Miller's lead performance as Edie Sedgwick may, in fact, be a reliable one; the actress achieves a "near-perfect communing with the spirit of a proverbial damaged debutante." Guy Pearce's Andy Warhol is now a full-fledged "costar" as opposed to supporting act, and the Bob Dylan-ish character about whom the musician and his lawyers are so incontinent of late is also "a bit more assertive and sharply defined."

Also "a bit more assertive and sharply defined" at the site is Factory Girl director George Hickenlooper -- or at least someone who replied to a bit minor comments-section nastiness in the filmmaker's name:

Hey asshole, I am in the process of tracking you down. When I find out who you are, and I will, I am going to file a nice fat defamation of character lawsuit against you. I have spoken to my attorneys at Bloom Hergott and your sinister, unrelenting proclamations of my alleged drug abuse and my having been removed from the picture, both blatantly false, malicious, and cruel, are grounds for a big fat, juicy lawsuit. You have seriously exposed yourself legally and you only better hope you don't have any assets, prick-face, because when my attorneys get through with you, you'll be pushing a mop at the La Brea Burger King. ... I warn you JWEgo as I finish the final mix of Factory Girl... when I find out who you are, you will here [sic] from my lawyers. In fact as an incentive, I am offering anyone who provides me with the identity of JWEgo by this weekend, I will pay a reward of $1,500.00. Thank you. GH

Fuck, I'd turn myself in for $1,500. Can it wait until Monday, though? I've got New Year's plans.

Posted at December 29, 2006 3:57 PM

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