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Karina on: Screening Gotham: "No Such Thing as Bad Publicity" Edition

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Screening Gotham: "No Such Thing as Bad Publicity" Edition

"Hey, Bob. Bummer about Edie, huh?" "Who?"

Some of today's movie news of note from around New York:

--The Bob Dylan-like character portrayed by Hayden Christensen in the upcoming Factory Girl is evidently upsetting the actual Bob Dylan -- or at least his lawyers, who are all kinds of outraged about the connections drawn between quasi-Dylan and the overdose death of Edie Sedgwick. Their solution? "Until we are given an opportunity to view the film, we hereby demand that all distribution and screenings ... immediately be ceased." Bob Yari and the Weinstein Company had no comment, though their own attorneys are rumored to be seeking a special allowance for Dylan to moved to the front of the line of complainants waiting to, and I quote, "kiss their ass."

--Elsewhere on the Weinstein beat, Black Christmas has provoked howls of protest from the persuasive likes of Dr. Joyce Brothers for "exploit(ing) the ugliest and most negative of human emotions on a holiday." But in the realm of supernatural emotions, God can't begin to contain His glee at seeing Michelle Trachtenberg tormented, and even the Baby Jesus has asked for advance tickets in His stocking. And that's a good enough endorsement for me, dammit.

--Narcolepsy grips the entertainment world as the Golden Globe nominations are announced.

--And why did Yoko Ono back out of Wednesday night's El Topo introduction? I guess she just couldn't get a ride. (Hat tip to Laure)

Posted at December 14, 2006 11:17 AM

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I don't buy the "bob dylans lawyers" thing. I think it's well within the realm of popibility that TWC has figured out that Factory Girl isn't ready, is never going to be good, and now they're looking for a way to make sure they'll never have to release it.

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