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Bill Woods on: L Magazine and The Reeler: It's Love!

The Reeler Blog

L Magazine and The Reeler: It's Love!

A quick note from your ostensibly vacationing editor points you to this week's issue of The L Magazine, which, in its annual celebration of the Best of New York, named The Reeler this year's Best One-Stop NYC Film Website. Can you believe it? Only one stop? But when will you return? Oh. OK, I get it.

Anyway, our new sweethearts write:

A comprehensive screenings calendar and events coverage, ironical news briefs, fresh reviews and an increasingly tentacular multimedia presence make S.T. VanAirsdale's (yes, his real name, as far as we know] baby an essential bookmark.

Yes! "Tentacular"! Suck on that, Flavorpill! In conclusion, let me say there's nothing ironical about my full-hearted gratitude for The L's recognition. I'm incredibly proud to to be included here, and, in my absence, please send our cash prize to my assistant editor... huh? What? No cash prize? Is there a trophy? A certificate? Oh, Jesus Christ, fuck it then. I'm turning my out-of-office reply back on. -- STV

Posted at August 3, 2007 5:02 PM

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Did you check your spam box? Could the award be in there?

Lol. Congrats just the same.


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