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Miller Lite: NYDN's Piazza Walks a Mile in Sienna's Hose

Jo Piazza's Ivy League education pays off (Photo: NYDN)

I'm not sure if one can be a fashion wreck when one's not technically dressed, but as noted here yesterday, Sienna Miller went for broke this week when she stuck strictly to pantyhose at the Factory Girl premiere after-party at the Chelsea Hotel. As if the real thing wasn't terrifying enough, Daily News reporter Jo Piazza threw on the black tights, a sweater and a tranny hooker wig Wednesday in a little experiment to see how people not named Weinstein, Pearce and Hickenlooper might react to a nubile New Yorker strutting around in her underthings. The results are shocking, if only because they were actually published:

Men lose all inhibition when confronted by a woman in panties.

"You making a porno?" one queried. "Cause I'd like to make a porno with you."

Another proposed marriage and still another proposed a sexual act that we can't write about in a family newspaper.

Several dudes offered to buy me some beers across the street in Penn Station.

They also asked me if I could shake it for them. I couldn't. ...

I began to worry that the police officers outside Penn Station would arrest me for solicitation.

Instead, they just joined in the wolf-whistling.

"Look at that. Whooo-wheee, move it girl!" one cop yelled out.

Oh, Sienna. This look just doesn't work.

Put on some damn pants.

Poor Jo. For this she left Rush and Molloy?

Posted at February 1, 2007 12:47 PM

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