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Martha on: Rally Rally Rally Round Linda Linda Linda

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Rally Rally Rally Round Linda Linda Linda

One of the favorites of this year's New York Asian Film Festival, Nobuhiro Yamashita's spunky Japanese girl-rock opus Linda Linda Linda returns to town today for an engagement at the ImaginAsian Theater. The Times digs it, TONY digs it, the Voice probably would have dug it had it reviewed it, but according to a few Reeler friends who've written in, its own distributor has experienced a sort of promotional stillbirth that has the film relying somewhat exclusively on word of mouth to find an audience.

So based on the exquisite taste of my loyal readers, and based on Yamashita's internationally renowned track record of dry crowd pleasers, and based on a weekend wherein if I have to see the word "Borat" one more time I will swallow my tongue, I am gently acknowledging: Linda Linda Linda is out there, and it deserves your viewership.

Posted at November 10, 2006 1:42 PM

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Freaking wonderful movie -- I've had the song in my head since I watched the NYAFF screener and I still like it. Could there be higher praise?

If you can ever get the titular song out your head after seeing this movie, you must have some kind of hormone deficiency.

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