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Eric Kohn on: Screening Gotham: Cuts and More Cuts For Grind House?

The Reeler Blog

Screening Gotham: Cuts and More Cuts For Grind House?

--Page Six notes this morning that the current cut of Grind House is perhaps a tad too extreme for an R-rating, citing a pair of Weinstein Co. advance-team marketers unnamed sources who claim to have seen some of the most graphic footage. The trailers separating the Robert Rodriguez and Quentin Tarantino films are said to be particularly troublesome, with Eli Roth's short featuring Jordan Ladd as a blowjob provider who "lovingly reaches to stroke (her boyfriend's) hair and discovers his neck is just a bloody stump -- some maniac had just cut off his head while she was in the act." And for the first time ever, I suddenly want to shake Eli Roth's hand.

--Nathaniel R., proprietor of the Film Experience Blog, has a thing for Shortbus and Daniel Craig. And Photoshop, evidently (see above).

--Really, it's no surprise that mouthbreathing genre fanboy Harry Knowles would happen upon The Devil Came on Horseback based on the salacious title alone. But now that he's seen it, cried for roughly 50 minutes and toasted "beautiful blonde American lady" co-director (and New York's own) Annie Sundberg, well... expect a Darfur resolution sooner than later.

--"DWI again?" That was the war cry of beleaguered paparazzi who videotaped Lindsay Lohan playfully driving into one of their own in the Meatpacking District Tuesday night. Sadly, in what is easily the best movie she's ever made, Lohan herself is upstaged by the fallen shutterbug, writhing like a French soccer player and calling for an ambulance. Will the girl ever catch a break?

Posted at March 15, 2007 6:59 AM

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I caught Roth's "Thanksgiving" trailer at SXSW. There are vaginas getting impaled and so much more. Doubt the MPAA is gonna let is fly as is. Also, the final guy to get beheaded is played by Eli himself.

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