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ned beatty on: Screening Gotham: J'embrasse Mon Chien Sur La Bouche

STV on: Screening Gotham: J'embrasse Mon Chien Sur La Bouche

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Screening Gotham: J'embrasse Mon Chien Sur La Bouche

Some of today's movie news of note from around New York:

--Actually, today we're a little Cannes-heavy once again, as Melissa Anderson is up to four posts now (!) on Time Out New York's festival blog. Her most recent dispatch arrives from the post-screening wreckage of Abel Ferrara's Go Go Tales, in which Asia Argento evidently shares a passionate French kiss with her dog. "Throngs of journos couldn’t reach the exit fast enough," Anderson notes. "(A)lthough it’s screening out of competition, I bestow the Palme d’Or on Ferrara’s crazy cabaret. It’s the funniest, most vibrant -- and heartfelt -- movie I’ve seen here." Which means we won't likely see it in New York until... when? 2009?

--Anderson has word from the Mighty Heart press conference as well, as does indieWIRE's Brian Brooks. Word on the street is it's terrific -- particularly Angelina Jolie's performance as Marianne Pearl, the widow of slain Wall Street Journal reporter Daniel Pearl. And it appears that Ms. Pearl forgave the asshole reporter who once asked her if she had watched the video of her husband's murder, so look for this to ride twin waves of critical acclaim and press self-congratulation quotient all the way to Oscar season.

--Eric Kohn checks in from the Death Proof press conference with a dramatic tidbit from Harvey: "We will dwarf Grindhouse. Trust me.” But enough about Halston.

--Back in the States, David Poland has posted his latest Lunch With David video, a 24-minute interview with Sarah Polley in New York. It could use, you know, editing, but face it: You would watch her write a grocery list if someone taped it. Bonus: They get thrown out of the hotel!

Posted at May 22, 2007 12:06 PM

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why the digs at melissa anderson? it's kinda lame.

Expecting more than four posts in nearly a week at Cannes isn't "digging," is it? I'm an MA fan, Ned. I want more! And I'm your fan as well; you were awesome in Sweet Land.

The thing about the Abel Ferrara film, I mean, come on. Even IFC shelves his stuff.

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