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Lisa Vandever on: Screening Gotham: Paul Greengrass' Unkindest Cut

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Screening Gotham: Paul Greengrass' Unkindest Cut

Some of today's movie news of note from around New York:

--Anne Thompson tells readers this morning that Paul Greengrass purposely denied editors more time to whittle down the excess of footage that became United 93: "He was the one who insisted that they make the movie in the time they had, and that it would be better for the movie not to overthink it." Oh, so that's why so many critics related to it.

--Soon you'll be able to stream Netflix titles on your PC. Please stand by for desperate Blockbuster Video reaction.

--Eugene Hernandez has video of Shortbus star Jay Brannan explaining the IMDB censorship quandary that regularly bumps his film from the Web site. Which evidently reminds him of a song that goes a little like this.

--Does the news that PBS locked up Ken Burns through "at least" the year 2022 evoke the same sense of mortality in you that it stirs in me? Isn't that the year we're supposed to run out of fossil fuel or something? Or experience a post-military apocalypse? Whatever; they'd both make for great 15-hour documentaries.

Posted at January 16, 2007 10:32 AM

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We've noticed this in just the past year, that once simple searches were now requiring increasingly elaborate steps. From a post last fall.

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