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The News: Never Choose Family Over Money

By S.T. VanAirsdale

Some of today's movie news of note from around New York:

--My favorite meme of the moment is blooming at The Carpetbagger, where David Carr's fixation with the No Country For Old Men-shortening acronym NCFOM has resulted in scores of new variations from readers and bloggers alike. I am terrible at and spread too thin to succumb to such addictive pastimes, or maybe I'm simply intimidated by clever alternatives like "No Coin Flip Ordains Mercy," "Narcotics Cash Fuels Opposing Manhunts" and "Not Crazy, Friendo, Only Mad." The absolute best must be "Nasty Criminal Free On Earth," which, like its inspiration Anton Chigurh, has no respect for the laws of acronyms, mnemonics or anything else, for that matter.

--Congratulations to the new group of inductees over at the Alliance of Women Film Journalists, whose ranks now include local fixtures Amy Benfer (Metro NY), Mihal Gartenberg (WKCR / NY1), MaryAnn Johanson ( and The Reeler's own brilliant reviews editor Michelle Orange. We're so proud! MoMA film curator Sally Berger joined the Board of Directors as well. Look for their reviews and more film coverage at the AWFJ Web site throughout 2008.

--A quick political aside from the black hole connecting NYC film and politics: Jon Voight is one crazy motherfucker. (H/T: VF Daily)

--In response to the news that the Weinsteins have quietly nestled My Blueberry Nights into their kitchen freezer, Spout's Karina Longworth has the best idea I've heard yet: "Why not put it at the end of the month and try to relaunch it at Tribeca –– a festival that, at least historically, LOVES throwing big, stupid premieres to launch star-studded product?" Aside from the modest art house audience it'll claim in NYC, I mean, absolutely. Get this done, TFF.

--As far as Harvey's hopes for Rambo V, Sly Stallone has other plans. Thanks to Aki Kaurismaki, however, we will always have Rocky. Classic. (H/T: Movie City Indie)

Posted at January 30, 2008 10:21 AM

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