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TV on: The News: Valentine's Day Edition

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The News: Valentine's Day Edition

By S.T. VanAirsdale

Some of this Valentine's Day's movie news of note from around New York:

--I personally haven't bought into Valentine's Day for a while now, but the NYC film love-ins today imply my minority shrinks more and more every year. Take Manohla Dargis's survey (however qualified) of this year's Film Comments Selects series, in which "[b]oundaries of geography, genre and taste are tested and occasionally trampled" -- but, you know, that's a good thing, especially when it comes to Asia Argento. The House Next Door, meanwhile, features a deeper, warmer embrace for FCS highlights including Ulrich Seidl's "adventure romance for the new century" Import/Export and Inside ("So hot it burns").

--The Alliance of Women Film Journalists today published its inaugural "Men We Love" list, and God bless them, they've included me. Thanks, AWFJ! I am soooooo getting laid tonight.

--Your odds of picking up tickets to tonight's Young Friends of Film screening of Harold and Maude -- to be introduced by Jonathan Demme -- are slimmer by the minute, but the 92nd Street Y offers a scintillating V-Day date alternative: Kathleen Turner will be discussing her dishy new book Send Yourself Roses, which has evidently made new, litigious friends of everyone from Michael Douglas to Nicolas Cage.

--Finally, from the co-directors of God Provides and Fish Kill Flea, a romantic sneak preview of their forthcoming The Patron Saints. Don't say I never gave you anything on Valentine's Day.

Posted at February 14, 2008 10:17 AM

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Hey- if you go by Airsdale, it moves you up to the top of the list. You would've been there anyways if they were just going by favorites in general. Guess I'm biased. Congrats, S. Love M.

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