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May 1, 2007

Lisa Katzman, Tootie's Last Suit

"People have said King Lear, but I think it’s actually closer to Mommie Dearest. But it’s a universal story -- a familial thing."

Carolla Hammers it Home

Also reviewed by Vadim Rizov: On the Downlow, The Polymath, Why didn't anybody tell me it would be this bad in Afghanistan, Santiago, Hard as Nails

Air I Breathe A Little Stale

Also reviewed by Eric Kohn: The Cake Eaters, Avida, The King of Kong, Pete Seeger: The Power of Song, Rise: Blood Hunter

Zak Penn's Grand Time

Director's mockumentary send-up of professional poker features stars from Harrelson to Herzog

Spider-Mania Sweeps Astoria

Maguire and Co. hit the street as black carpet welcomes hero back to the States

Tribeca Ticket Giveaway #2: Comic Geek Edition

Two pairs of Heroes for Hire panel tickets available to quick-thinking Eisner-philes

May 2, 2007

Vivien Lesnik Weisman, The Man of Two Havanas

"I couldn't really give a darn about Cuba. It was the thing that came between me and normalcy."

Suburban Guy

Writer/director Mark Klein opens up on the Gellar-Baldwin duet of Suburban Girl

Matt Perry, Uncomfortably Numb

Also reviewed by Michelle Orange: Good Time Max, In Search of a Midnight Kiss, A Slim Peace, Autism: The Musical, Take the Bridge

Meadows' England Worth Visit

Also reviewed by Vadim Rizov: The Gates, Fireworks Wednesday, Taxidermia, Towards Darkness, Blackout

Postcards Arrive From Afghanistan

Osman and Dolak weave family doc through country's troubled history

Sugar Curtain Latest Fest Acquisition

Sweet deal with First Run will land competition doc in theaters by summer

Hara's "Different Definition of Freedom"

The bad boy of Japanese nonfiction premieres first drama for Japan Society crowd

May 3, 2007

Devil Thrives in the Details

Also reviewed by Eric Kohn: My Father My Lord, The Bubble, The Last Jews of Libya, Dirty Sanchez, Palo Alto

Black White + Gray Area

Also reviewed by Michelle Orange: Purple Violets, The Third Wave, Zolykha's Secret, Steep, The Power of the Game

Abigail Child, On the Downlow

"I think there’s the issue of bisexuality, then there’s the issue within the black community -- there are those two directions of controversy."

Lugacy Talks Dawson and Descent

Filmmaker's controversial NYC revenge drama premieres at Tribeca

Civic Duty

Facile showdown works best as director's Hollywood hack calling card

A Treatment That Works

Doc veteran Rudavsky talks about the roots (and routes) of his narrative debut

Spider-Man 3

Mega-budget franchise goes a little too heavy on the heart the third time around

Screening Tribeca: 100 Percent Off the Price of Admission

Also: Michael Kang down on Europeans, Roger Friedman wants his money back

May 4, 2007

My Father, Dark Side Finish on Top at Tribeca

Durst and Robinson also win big at fest's early awards show

Away From Her

Polley finds grace with story of couplehood in a slow fade to white

With a Friend Like This...

Also reviewed by Eric Kohn: Fiestapatria, Nanking, Lillie and Leander: A Legacy of Violence, Music Inn, The Polymath

A Walker Wonk's Wet Dream

Also reviewed by Vadim Rizov: Watching the Detectives, Normal Adolescent Behavior, The Optimist, Takva: A Man's Fear of God, The Man From the Embassy

The Treatment

Big Apple yarn doesn't cop out with rom-com anti-intellectualism

The Paper They're Printed On

One filmgoer's plea to cure the comics adaptation cancer

Being Charlie Bartlett

Anton Yelchin on taking the lead, taking drugs and taking his clothes off

Ludacris Live: Bridges on Stereotypes and Star Turns

Ferrell and Stiller come out strong, Osbourne and O'Reilly not so much

Kathy Huang, Miss Chinatown USA

"For me, it’s more about building empathy between the audience and the protagonist."

Marveling At It All

More comics talk: Penn, Church and others deliver critiques, plaudits and scoops for films to come

May 5, 2007

Dern, Min and Co. Break Down Fame Game

Panel dissects the pride and pathology of American celebrity culture

Live! With Eva Mendes

Getting up close and personal with the star and co-producer of Bill Guttentag's reality TV satire

Marie Losier, Manuelle Labor

"Giving birth to Guy Maddin is like giving birth to a portrait. It's an homage to him."

May 6, 2007

Alison Thompson, The Third Wave

"We had death threats. We were there to help, but there was all this craziness against us."

We Are Together Gets Audience Love

Uplifting orphanage story wins $25,000, massive Cadillac trophy

Gates Close Out Tribeca

Doc recalling struggle behind NYC's biggest public art project returns to fest after '06 preview

May 7, 2007

Screening Gotham: Back to Reality Edition

Inside: Greed goes meta as Wall Street franchised; NYU courting next generation of ex-producers

Tribeca Aftermath: Notes From the Wreckage

Life after the festival: Mostly good news (except for Suburban Girl) among critics, journalists

May 8, 2007

His Brand is Memory

Guy Maddin talks about Brand Upon the Brain! and the cinema of remembrance

Screening Gotham: Scott Rudin Now Mistreating Trades

Also: Harvey pinches pennies at Cannes; send me to Ebert & Roeper!

NYM's Operating Instructions for Moviegoing

Magazine eschews conventional summer movie preview for bizarre package of helpful hints

From Hal to Helena: The Pioneer's Starstruck Week

Prepare for supermodel sightings and a Henry Fool/Fay Grim double feature with Hal Hartley in attendance

Bikes, Beers and Film

What better way to celebrate the Bicycle Film Festival than free... PBR?

May 9, 2007

Day Night Day Night

Story of Times Square suicide bomber generates buzz around a void

Alice Neel's Ultimate Portrait

Art Fag City: Grandson's doc reveals the family below the surface of famous artist's work

Screening Gotham: Awards Season Reprise Edition

Inside: In praise of Stuart Klawans; SVA hands out student hardware

May 10, 2007

Screening Gotham: The Lindsay Index

Inside: Jesus saves (usually); the Garrels take Brooklyn

Sneak Peek: New York Asian Film Festival

Festival boss Hendrix shares a few thoughts about the program developing for the fest's seventh annual run

Tribeca Events Highlights: From Green to Gates

Panels, premieres and more -- all the festival happenings fit to (re)print

28 Weeks Later

Surprisingly potent socio-political critique flips grisly bird at Bush administration

Georgia Rule

Two good maternal melodrama performances stifled by turgid material, stiff execution

May 11, 2007

What We Learned at Tribeca, Vol. VI

Making the rounds to make sense (or something) of it all

The Ex

Braff/Bateman comedy delivers on its pure, dumb promise

May 14, 2007

A Naked Date with the Commissioner

Kelly appraises Dassin's crime classic; reveals shocking truths about noir dramatization

Screening Gotham: Do Reviews Suffer From Buzz Kill?

Also: Armond still driving world crazy; Polley hoping not too old for Allen

"Looking Long-Term": Hartley Talks at Fool-Grim Double Bill

Filmmaker mines past, present and future with Ryan and Sylvarnes

Mike White's Confounding Zoo Trip

Red asses, snow snakes breach the highbrow in latest issue of The New Yorker

May 15, 2007

Once Upon a Time in Dublin

Carney and Hansard on chance, beauty and their crowd-pleasing verite musical

Screening Gotham: Meistrich's Esh-ellent Adventure

Also: TONY's citizen reporters dodge Tribeca heavy lifting; Toback faces Tyson in new doc

Festival Round-Up: NewFest Expands, High Line en Español

Also: The (new) Italians are coming; Human Rights Fest borrows heavily from Sundance

May 16, 2007

Garden Variety: Scorsese Honored at MoMA

Filmmaker looks back with Bloomberg, Ovitz, Diller and others

Screening Gotham: Blueberry Nights Flatlining at Cannes?

Also: A Cannes-going cheat sheet; Jeffrey Katzenberg, my hero

May 17, 2007

Hoberman, Foundas to Help Pick 'Em at NYFF

Also: Fest sidebar to honor acclaimed Cinema Novo filmmaker de Andrade

Lim Looks Back For Latest Project

New site to compile updates on rep, revival and restored titles screening worldwide

Screening Gotham: Sleazoid Mogul Hyperbole Edition

Inside: De Niro, Pacino to make "history" (and low eight figures); remembering the Donut People with Henry Fool


Weird genre fusion makes for an uneven but entertaining helping of "torture corn"

Brooklyn Rules

A mobbed up drama with enough heart and personality to freshen a stale genre

Bicycle Film Festival Rides Into NYC

Seventh annual run launches with high-profile features, international shorts

May 18, 2007

Fay Grim

Earnestness and parody at cross-purposes Hartley's Henry Fool follow-up

The Wendell Baker Story

Luke channels Owen (badly) in low-concept comedy

Playing by the Rules -- At Last

Corrente and Caan on genre-hopping Brooklyn Rules' troubled trip to screen

Screening Gotham: All-Positive Friday!

Inside: The word is out on We Own the Night; Neel doc picked up for theaters

May 21, 2007

Kon is On with Paprika

Japanese animator discusses dreams, nightmares and masterful new film

Screening Gotham: Knowing You Love Us is Enough

Also: Kaufman/Jonze back underway in NYC; revisionist history for Pirates

Pick-Up Heads-Up: Night, Manda Bala Headed to Theaters

Fest faves go glitzy and indie in weekend sales

Moore to Love: Sicko's Subjects Speak

9/11 first responders share travel secrets, pledge return to Cuba

May 22, 2007

Close Encounters of the Werner Kind

A sneak peek at unfinished doc reveals filmmaker's "ecstatic truth" about Antarctica (among other things)

Screening Gotham: J'embrasse Mon Chien Sur La Bouche

Also: Even Harvey's dwarves started small; Polley and Poland tossed from NYC hotel

New Line, Film Society Pair Up for NYFF

Society's biggest benefit ever honors 40 years of New Line, raises money for new film center

"It's Just Good Storytelling"

Soderbergh and Co. remember Spalding Gray at special screening

May 23, 2007

The Boss of it All

A demented von Trier tonic breaks up his miserablist USA trilogy

"Bizarre to Say the Least"

Stern, Watts, Dillon and others fête Klores' Crazy Love at NYC premiere

Screening Gotham: Scorsese Rounds Up World Cinema All-Stars

Also: Hoberman backs the American contingent; Denby is as Denby does

Plastic Explosive: Waiting for Fashion the Movie

Mysterious would-be blockbuster boasts Dunaway, Hannah and the trailer of the decade

May 24, 2007

Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End

Disney franchise's third installment a cynically incoherent spectacle

Love is All Around

The Whitney's Summer of Love exhibit reflects on films, light shows and other '60s visions

The Reeler's 2007 Guide to NYC Outdoor Cinema

An unofficial compendium of where to watch this summer

The Lower East Side of the Story

One-day LES Film Festival showcases four decades of community's work


Friedkin's dumb-at-heart thriller still a solid nerve-wracker

May 25, 2007


Besson out of his depth in soggy redemption drama

Screening Gotham: All-Positive Friday!

Inside: Manohla (hearts) Cannes; Luke Thompson's ego nominated for an award

New York in the Cannes

Ferrara, Kalin, Coens and other local auteurs take over on the Croisette

Cruising Altitude: Friedkin's Reviled Drama Resurfaces

Bloggers revisit pervy gay serial killer thriller 27 years after its disappearance

May 29, 2007

"A Hell of an Experience"

Exclusive: Kubrick actor and associate Leon Vitali looks back on 30 years of Barry Lyndon

Screening Gotham: Once Bus Sex Edition

Also: Max Woodstocks up, NewFest interview frenzy underway

May 30, 2007

In With the NewFest

Controversial Dorian Gray adaptation opens trailblazing LGBT festival's 19th run

"This Might Be Our Sellout"

Costner hits New York for special screening of serial killer drama Mr. Brooks

Media That Matters Fest Has Issues

Seventh annual gives voice to underrepresented stories, communities and filmmakers

Day Watch

High-flown sequel for Night Watch fans and devoted Russophiles only

May 31, 2007

Ten Canoes

Sneak attack on problems of ethnographic filmmaking fails to find its sea legs

Knocked Up

Pregnancy comedy for bong-headed boys takes place in oddly conservative dreamworld

Screening Gotham: Auteur Class War Edition

Inside: Woody reteams with Weinsteins; Fleck/Boden piling up projects

Programming Note: Vote on Selections for Independent Features Fest

New event to comprise films chosen by viewers online; screenings set for July

Jay Stern's $25,000 Secret(s)

NYC filmmaker reveals the microbudget basics for getting your work in the can

Crazy Love

Tabloid romance doc goes heavy on the "how," light on the "why"

Coming Up Short in Brooklyn

Sundance at BAM: Programming boss Cooper on the past, present and future of Sundance shorts

Hip-Hop Hooray

Fifth annual H20 Film Festival showcases more than 80 new works from hip-hop cinema culture

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